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Welcome to ChoreoCraft.

5 Steps for making Dances… Made Easy.

Let ChoreoCraft be your personal assistant. With 200 Tools in a structured syllabus, means you can quickly find choreographic solutions.

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Dance & Dancers

The ChoreoCraft syllabus provides a new experience in dance composition and artistic development for the artist dancer.

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Art & Artists

ChoreoCraft develops in dancers the often ignored but vital sister Arts of Music, Art, Drama and Composition.

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Network & News

Forum and links for ChoreoCraft teachers and students. Regular communication for syllabus updates, courses, assessments, publications and news flashes.

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ChoreoCraft & Choreographers

a unique method that provides a valuable aid for teachers seeking to create compositions from solo dances to complete concert productions. ChoreoCraft Tools are simply amazing and amazingly simple.

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Education & Entertainment

The ChoreoCraft syllabus is uniquely graded, providing step-by-step composition guidance for students of all ages.

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Syllabus & Schools

ChoreoCraft develops from Foundation level to Diploma. The syllabus is available in print, DVD and downloadable to a PC or mobile phone.

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    Contact Us

    Kenneth Norman

    A.R.A.D. L.I.S.T.D. A.N.E.A.
    Director: ChoreoCraft Pty. Ltd.
    Director: Tenison College of Dance
    Administrator: D.A.N.C.E.S.

    Reg. Techer SA Educ, Dept.
    Administrator: ISTD – SPR UK Principal Dancer & Choreographer.

    Mobile: 0408833771

    Tel: 08 8377 2468


    Please use the form below to request information or give us feedback, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.