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PULSE - Music Tools

Promotes musicality and artistry through an increased understanding of phrasing, timing, accent and rests.

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POWER - Dance Tools

Develops all the subtle variations of dance quality resulting in enhanced performances and compositions.

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PATTERN - Art Tools

Assists students to appreciate both the beauty of the harmonious ‘line’ and the drama of the distorted ‘line’.

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PLAN - Composition Tools

Encourages students to think and research more deeply thereby enhancing the depth of their performance.

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PLOT - Drama Tools

Crafting dances incorporating the use of dramatic expression, develops a range of emotions, which in performance can then be projected with sincerity.

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Education & Entertainment

The ChoreoCraft syllabus is uniquely graded, providing step-by-step composition guidance for students of all ages.

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ChoreoCraft develops from Foundation level to Diploma. The syllabus is available in print, DVD and downloadable to a PC or mobile phone.

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    Making dances … made easy

    Creative artists writing a play, an opera or a symphony, all use the same basic composition techniques. However while there are established composition training programmes for those performing arts, in the area of dance the composition process is often supposed to happen by itself with the novice choreographer often unaware of any available dance making ‘tools’.

    Even in well-established vocational dance colleges, so often the learned composition techniques are left to the last stage of the student’s development, too late to be deeply assimilated to a subconscious level. The ideal scenario is for a student to compose with complete confidence while at the same time subconsciously applying acquired choreographic techniques.

    How can this ideal be achieved? It is my belief that a solution lies in providing a syllabus which grades the composition ‘tools’ so that a child or student can enjoy learning and applying choreographic techniques similar to a graded music or ballet syllabus. To fulfil this need I have created a logical method and structured dance composition syllabus.

    To further enhance the learning process all the individual ‘tools’ are presented as a series of scales, similar in arrangement to music scales and in addition each ‘tool’ has a unique notation. With the use of devices like the ChoreoCraft rotating pyramid, chart or playing cards, the student can uniquely hold their choreography in their hands!

    About The Founder

    A graduate of the Royal Ballet School, London, Kenneth’s initial training which he commenced at the age of 10, included Ballet, Jazz, Tap and National dance. He also studied music and drama, having won a scholarship to the Florence Moore Theatre Studios, a full time drama school in his hometown of Brighton, Sussex. Kenneth won a further scholarship to the full time Bush-Davies Dance School, London and was later granted a full time scholarship to the Royal Ballet School.

    During this period Kenneth studied the R.A.D. syllabus and was awarded the A.R.A.D. status. It was also during his time at the RBS that Kenneth became passionately interested in Benesh Dance Notation and was appointed by Rudolf and Joan Benesh to teach the method at the school. Kenneth’s “Dictionary of Benesh Notated Ballet Terms” was published and exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall, London. From the earliest years when Kenneth was first introduced to the Benesh Dance Notation system, in the UK, the ChoreoCraft dance composition syllabus was continually researched and developed.

    Aspects of the method have now been taught to students of all ages, resulting in a mature tried and tested choreographic method. Kenneth has taught the method in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, NZ and Australia.

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