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ChoreoCraft Syllabus Levels

  • ChoreoCraft - Foundation I

  • ChoreoCraft - Foundation II

  • ChoreoCraft - Intermediate

  • ChoreoCraft - Advanced

  • ChoreoCraft - Diploma

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ChoreoCraft Guide Books

  • Syllabus Outline

  • Lesson Planner

  • Method Foundation

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ChoreoCraft Support Manuals

  • Choreo-reCord

  • Dance Dictionary

  • Choreo-Charts

  • Choreo Inventions

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ChoreoCraft Games & Gadgets

  • Star Map puzzles

  • Pyramid puzzles

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ChoreoCraft Digital media

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Education & Entertainment

The ChoreoCraft syllabus is uniquely graded, providing step-by-step composition guidance for students of all ages.

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ChoreoCraft develops from Foundation level to Diploma. The syllabus is available in print, DVD and downloadable to a PC or mobile phone.


ChoreoCraft Syllabus Levels

Foundation I

Understanding of the basic Tools reflected by student ability to construct simple dance sequences and to demonstrate a creative skill within their individual capacity.

  • Star Map 1A - Plan
  • Star Map 1B - Plan & Produce

Foundation II

Students demonstrate an increased confidence in use of the Tools. They are able to interpret their ideas and display sensitivity to musical content and style as well as developing spatial awareness.

  • Star Map 2A - Compose
  • Star Map 2B - Plan & Compose


Consolidated understanding of basic Tools, and ability to construct sequences of increasing length and complexity. Students show a clear understanding of the mechanics of the Tool Boxes & Scales, and able to utilise them to communicate their ideas.

  • Star Map 3A - Theme
  • Star Map 3B - Theme & Plan


Students reveal an ability to sustain an appropriate sense of style throughout the more complex compositions and an increased sensitivity to varying musical qualities. Facility in the use of the Tools and improved spatial awareness lead to increased assurance in dance making.

  • Star Map 4A - Character
  • Star Map 4B - Character & Theme


Students demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all previous Tool Boxes and Scales up to and including this level. They are also ale to use the Tools with increased confidence with regard to the interpretation of musical moods and complex themes.

  • Star Map 5A - Emotive
  • Star Map 5B - Emotive & Character

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