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Welcome to ChoreoCraft.

5 Steps for making Dances… Made Easy.

Let ChoreoCraft be your personal assistant. With 200 Tools in a structured syllabus, means you can quickly find choreographic solutions.

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Dance & Dancers

The ChoreoCraft syllabus provides a new experience in dance composition and artistic development for the artist dancer.

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Art & Artists

ChoreoCraft develops in dancers the often ignored but vital sister Arts of Music, Art, Drama and Composition.

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Network & News

Forum and links for ChoreoCraft teachers and students. Regular communication for syllabus updates, courses, assessments, publications and news flashes.

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ChoreoCraft & Choreographers

a unique method that provides a valuable aid for teachers seeking to create compositions from solo dances to complete concert productions. ChoreoCraft Tools are simply amazing and amazingly simple.

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Education & Entertainment

The ChoreoCraft syllabus is uniquely graded, providing step-by-step composition guidance for students of all ages.

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Syllabus & Schools

ChoreoCraft develops from Foundation level to Diploma. The syllabus is available in print, DVD and downloadable to a PC or mobile phone.

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    Teachers Review

    The students I teach have been working with ChoreoCraft for a number of years, and I have observed a great number of changes with the dancers over this period of time. One of the biggest changes that I have seen is the development of their choreographic skills. As a dancing school we have an annual choreographic competition where the dancers produce solos, duets and group pieces to their own choice of music. Before ChoreoCraft existed at the school I would see a large number of solos to a popular pop song with few dance steps and no real structure to the dance. Now I see more group dances with a theme or purpose to their dance, which is much more enjoyable to the audience. Dancers at the school now choreograph dances rather than a string of steps due to the result of ChoreoCraft.

    When watching the dances the students have produced, I notice a huge improvement in the musicality of the dancers and the use of highlights within the dance. Music is now being danced to, rather than just being the background noise. The use of space is now an important factor to the dancers. Whereas before, the shape of their bedroom was evident in their dances created at home, they are now visualising the size of the stage and using the space accordingly. ChoreoCraft as a lesson is an excellent chance for the quieter shy dancer to get their chance to shine. Obviously there will always be the natural leader of each group, but by choosing the groups wisely all children get their chance to create a dance and there are a lot of children out there who surprise us! Each year at our competition there will be a student who enters a dance and performs it on the stage, which you would least have expected to do so. I feel it gives children of all ages confidence to create a dance that they would not have been able to do, had they not had ChoreoCraft to guide them.

    The students’ choreography has developed well and they have created some great pieces, which I adore to watch. ChoreoCraft brings the dancers together socially as they have to discuss their dances. Within a dance class students do not get to talk to each other or get to know each other whereas in ChoreoCraft they do. Therefore friendships are being formed and there is a lovely atmosphere in their dance classes and they all work together well. The students who work with ChoreoCraft seem to have a different approach to dance. I can tell when I teach new steps that they are working out in their minds how that particular step can be used in other ways. I get asked questions on musical timing, and when I am choreographing I am constantly being given ideas from the class, which I love as the children seem to come up with some fantastic ideas.

    I feel that ChoreoCraft has had a huge influence in the training of our dancers and I look forward to our choreographic performance each year as it seems to get better and better. Children love to dance and they love to create, ChoreoCraft allows this and the students love and thoroughly enjoy the lessons.

    Karen Johnston

    LCD Teaching Diploma. R.A.D. Teachers Certificate. A.I.S.T.D. Dip. L.Dip.C.B.A.- C.I.C.B.
    Certificate IV Training and Assessment (Dance), Certificate in Dance Education (UK)

    Senior Teacher - Tenison College of Dance.

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